Bonnie, Clyde & Roxy, the original rescue Donkeys.


         or why they’re on the label

Here at Rock Canyon before the wine, was the love of equine.    Since we had the space, we thought it would be a good idea to rescue a pair of donkeys, originally from the BLM.  So we welcomed our new little donkeys; Bonnie & Clyde.  Little did we know…… Bonnie was pregnant and a year later Roxy was born.  Clyde has since past away, Rest His Soul.  But that has made room for our newest rescue, “Liberty” or Libby.  The burros have been such a joy with their different personalities.     On vineyard tours you will hear them sing (bray), & give them treats.  Bella our rescue Clydesdale past away.  (RIP 2/14/20) age 28.  Rock Canyon is a proud supporter of many different animal rescue organizations; The Rescue Dog, Helen Woodward, San Diego Humane Society, & Lions, Tigers & Bears just to name a few.

We are excited to have started our own Animal Rescue Foundation.   Check it out!  “Helping Them who help Others”!   Happy Trails & Cheers!


“Legend of the Donkey”

Legend tells us that the donkey that carried Jesus into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday followed Him to Calvary.  Appalled by the sight of Jesus on the cross, the donkey turned away but could not leave.  It is said that the shadow of the cross fell upon the shoulders and back of the donkey.  A cross marking found on many donkeys today remains a testimony of the love and devotion of a humble, little donkey.

“Just a Little Donkey”
Just a little donkey,
but on my back I bore
The one and only Savior
the world was waiting for.
Just a little donkey,
but I was strong & proud –
I gladly carried Mary
through the chaos of the crowd.
I brought her to a stable
where she made a tiny bed…
A place for baby Jesus
to lay His little head.
I pray the world remembers
that special Christmas night
when just a little donkey
carried Heaven’s Precious Light.
— Rita S. Beer