Zin 2010

We Grow our own grapes!

Zinfandel: This grape has European origin but is cultivated predominantly in California. This grape has gone through many image problems but today is a very successful counterpart to other grapes grown in California. Very drinkable and popular among Americans and foreigner alike.

Cabernet Sauvignon: This is the world’s most renowned grape variety for the production of red wines. The best Cabernet Sauvignon comes from Bordeaux, France, although it is grown in most of the major wine producing areas, including Napa Valley, California. Many of the grapes grown in California will astonish you with their richness and complexity.

Sangiovese: Tuscany’s most important variety, with concentrations in the Chianti & Montalcino hills. Red fruit intensity with snappy acidity and varying tannin levels make it versatile, refreshing and cellar worthy.

Tempranillo:  The primary quality red grape of Spain.  Characteristic ripe nose.  Used in many great table wines as a blend.

Plus we source out “local mature fruit” such as our award winning Merlot .