Our wines are handcrafted & unfiltered which gives them a unique earthy flavor.  All processing, from the first crush, to barrel aging, to fining & bottling occurs on site at the winery.   Our main ingredient………………..  Passion & love!

Our current varietals include:

CABERNET SAUVIGNON 2012 – a very fruit driven wine.  Beautiful nose.  Aged 18 month in a variety of different oak.   Unfiltered.



MERLOT 2015 – Aged over 3 years in French oak. Fruit driven with deep complexity.  Unfiltered with smooth finish.

Tempranillo 2016 –  Floral nose with a fruit forward flavor and smooth finish.  All around lovely wine.

DOS EN UNO Blend 2016 – 50% Cabernet Sauv. & 50% Tempranillo.   Also Unfiltered.   Aged in a variety of different oaks. Easy drinkability.

ROXY’S RED 2016  Zinfandel-   Beautiful nose.  Balance of fruit and Oak.  Smooth finish and unfiltered.  Aged in a variety of different oaks.

BELLA VINO 2014 Port Style dessert wine made from high brix Zinfandel.  Maturing into a nice nutty port.